2012. 09. 극적시퀀스(인터알리아) 전시 서문(Eng) - Dramatic Sequence
작성일 : 12-11-21 00:34  조회 : 1,286회 
Dramatic Sequence

Visual artists must be able to get new creative result from self-conquest or self-limitation. While they are on this process, Visuals have extremely dramatic structures of stories with metaphorical images. For this reason, their results that they are showing today can be named Dramatic Sequence away from their own limitation.

Their dramatic works become having verbs 'complete' and they might be seen the end of their agony or energy. However, their works showing you at the moment are probably the consecutive incidents or in the order of events. Therefore, works that complete today can be called 'Sequence' which is scenes heading to the summit.

Theatrical Sequence
It is said that life is more theatrical than film. However life is truth and documentary, also it is non-fiction but more fierce and more dramatic than fiction. Landscapes that visual artists choose are quite metaphorical like poetic dictions, and momentary like still cuts. Therefore, their landscapes are anti-daily routine or super-daily routine. Theatrical composition located in between reality and illusion does abundantly instill spacial emotion, and it takes eyes into moment, then it makes artistic creative reappearance to be trusted actual reappearance of fact. This is only under the precondition that people are only affectable with reliable fiction, and that reliable fiction is the concrete reappearance that we miss among the unlimited spectrum in our lives.

Seo Sangik. Fake: pretending to be realistic. He draws real situation got away from theatrical situation. However, his reality more closes to a modern people's attribute rather than fact. His space is ambiguous, even though he makes a logical space structure. He makes us chaos connecting an unrealistic situation to a very realistic environment. Also characters are all private public. They belong to a general public group, but their individualities are too bold to show the group. Through this private public, he approaches what he wants to say dramatic by mixing a part that physically shows; spaces and characters, and the other part that hypothetically shows; mentality of characters. These are questions of a contemporary topic, because his works are getting closer to the reality that his previous works.